mina padi

Mina Rice

Mina, rice is an activity of the fish in the rice fields. The principles are maintaining fish with rice. Land (paddy field) for the maintenance of fish in Mina rice paddy fields with different in general, made of rice fields in such a way that they make a decent living fish in the rice fields. In the land rice fields for the maintenance of the fish made a kamalir made in the swimming pool or made in the function for the maintenance of the fish.

The type of fish that are suitable to be cultivated in Mina rice are the type of fish fingerlings, indigo, tawes, nilem, mujaer, gurame, tambakan, generally the size of the fish that is kept for the good seed size, therefore, maintenance of fish in paddy fields suitable to the maintenance of the seeds.

Fish that are kept in a rice field to the size of seeds is very good because many rice fields in the natural food that is produced can directly help the growth of fish.

In addition to the natural fish feed should also be given feed made in the form of bran or Pellet. In order to achieve the optimum growth.

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