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Rabu, 17 September 2008

Vitamin at food fish


Vitamin needed in number which relative a few/little, especially to keep in good health and growth of fish body. Evaluated from nature of its physical, vitamin can be divided into two faction that is dissolve vitamin in dissolve vitamin and water in fat. dissolve vitamin in water for example tiamin ( vitamin of B), riboflavin ( vitamin of B2), sour [of] pantotenat ( vitamin of B6), biotin, and kobalamin ( vitamin of B 2), and others.

dissolve vitamin in fat for example retinol ( vitamin of A), or kolekalsiferol of ergokalsiferol ( vitamin of D), alpha of tokoferol ( vitamin of E), and menadion ', vitamin of K). Vitamin of B1 B6, and functioning B12 to support growth and also can stimulate passion eat, while vitamin of B2 play a part in growth and transfer of food Iihat vitamins ( like carbohydrate, fat, and protein) of cells in fish body and also for the process of reproduction. Vitamin of A functioning to support health of eye, while vitamin of D required for the process of metabolism of mineral ( especially phosphorus and calcium). Vitamin of E have an effect on to movement of fish and also in course of reproduction, while vitamin of K have an effect on in course of coagulation of blood.

Source : Ir. M. Firdaus SAhwan, M.M. 2001.


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