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Minggu, 21 September 2008




In order to improving earnings of society of DKI Jakarta specially farmer of fish / fisherman have been gone through [by] various means among others exploit lawn farm with effort conservancy of decorative fish। Amount of decorative fish specially decorative fish [of] hard freshwater earn conducting in Indonesia there [is] 91 type। From to 91 fish type, there are some very potential the decorative fish type to be developed [by] because besides can be marketed in country also can represent commodity of eksport। the potential decorative Fish types for example fish of Diskus, Severum, Rainbow, and Niasa। To be more recognize the fish type [at] Chapter hereinafter of dikemukanan of[is nature of from fishs


1) Diskus. Decorative Fish [of] Diskus ( Symhysodonodiscus) represent one of [the] decorative fish type [of] freshwater coming from Amazon river ( Brasil). the Type Fish have good economic value and very popular [by] [in] various state. In Indonesia fish of Diskus have earned conducting and very potensil to be developed [by] because besides can be marketed [by] local marketing, also can represent exporting commodity.

Individuality of fish of diskus [is] its body benetuk [of] flimsy body, domed loo like stromateus fish with redish brown primary colour। fish of Diskus earn conducting in Aquarium to a couple of diskus can be placed in fairish aquarium [about/around] 75 x 35 x 35 cm of[is quality of needed to life and expand fish of diskus that is [in] clear water, temperature [about/around] 28 - 30 degree of Celcius pH ( degree of acidity) 5 - 6 besides dissolve Oxygen content [of] him have to be high enough that is + bigger than 3 ppm ( pxrt per million). Fish of Diskus have earned breeding after old age [among/between] 15 - 20 months.

As for [common/ public] food eaten that is water bug, cuk, worm ( food made in) existing [is]

2) Severum।
Fish of Severum Cichlosoma severum [is] one of [the] decorative fish type [of] freshwater coming from upstate United States ( Arhazone. S). Its short Body, fat and attenuate with body primary colour vary that is brass chocolate, or black [is] chocolate. this Fish type also have high economic value. Fish of Severum can be looked after in basin or aquarium cement the quality of needed to water conservancy of fish of severum that is: PH : 5,5 - 7, temperature irrigate 21 - 25 degree of celcius। Fish of Severum have earned to be breeded [by] after old age + year of the size 12 - 15 cm.

Masculine mains from female can be differentiated from masculine mains size measure and colour [of] chromatic more fair with larger ones mains from is female. Food able to be given [by] this fish type for example: water bug, cuk, silk worm etc.

3) Fish of Rainbow। Fish of Rainbow represent decorative fish type which enthused [by] many society because this fish type also can represent commodity of eksport. There [is] 2 type of rainbow which is famous enough that is Irian rainbow ( Melano Tacnia and maccaulochi of Rainbow its Anlanesi Telmatherina Rainbow Irian primary colour ahl ladigesi ogilby [of] silver with metallic dark colour while its Sulawesi primary colour rainbow turn yellow olive, with undercarriage colour turn yellow this fish type [is] including fish lay eggs by gluing egg [at] water crop. Quality of needed to water life of this fish type that is temperature irrigate 23 - 26 degree of Cecius। Ph. water better above 7.

this Fish type [of] dapt live and prolific in cement basin and also aquarium. This fish have earned memijah after old age + 7 months in size measure 5 - 7 cm. Food which is [is] ordinary to be given in conservancy of this fish that is water bug, worm of zambut or of cuk. So that fish can grow better during conservancy lay eggs, water have to klop fulfill conditions and [done/conducted] [by] replacement of water + 1 week 1 times. 4) Fish of Niasa। Psedatropheus Auratus Bonlenger or English name of Auratus. [In] DKI jakarta more knowledgeable by the name of this Niasa fish type have long body rather level off, primary colour turn yellow coal black or fair golden. Fish of Niasa very aggresive its movement so that have to beware of if will be mixed with other fish type.

Quality of needed to water [is] life and expand fish of Niasa that is pH = 7, temperature 24 - 27 degree of Celcius. Conservancy can be [done/conducted] in basin cement or aquarium. Height of needed to water [is] pemijahan [about/around] 30 - 35 cm. Fish of Niasa have earned breeding in age 7 months of the size body length : 7 cm. female and Masculine mains can be differentiated from oafish turn yellow its fin [of] him. Masculine fish usually have oafishly [of] in, whereas the female [do] not. given food for example : Cuk, water bug

3. SOURCE OF. On Duty Fishery, Governmental [of] DKI Jakarta, Jakarta, 1996

4. CONTACT [RELATION/LINK]. Governmental [of] DKI Jakarta, On Duty Fishery of Jakarta, March 2001. Electroplated by : Tarwiyah.


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