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Jumat, 15 Agustus 2008

fecundity with age

fecundity with age.

[At] some fish species, [relation/link] of fecundity with age [do] not be [is] same always in the meaning that that age there [is] which [do] not have an in with fecundity , there [is] which [is] its influence a few/little and there [is] also which [is] its influence by positip. Matter like that real correct if which [is] seen [it] only [relation/link] [among/between] fecundity with just age without seeing other parameter. variation [of] of Fekunditas that [is] individual very big, covering each;every influence of[is including also old age. Fish which for the first time [of] breeding ( spawners recruit) fecundity is not big like fish fecundity which have several times but its [is] same body weight.

This matter as according to generelizability, that fish fecundity will increase during growth. big fish [of] its egg will be more many from [at] smaller fish. But this correlation there [is] its boundary where there will be degradation of that fish although amount growing larger or is old. Fish which [is] its life cycle [of] length like fish of sturgeon goldfish or, will show addition of egg amount which quickly when young and later;then will follow with speed of accretion which on the wane and continue downhill reach situation which remain to. As for variation [of] of[is amount of spawn which [in] earning [is] at the moment caused by size measure group variation [of].

Amount of big fish size measure only a few and usually show accretion of speed of fecundity. This matter in fact effect of repair of food. But [at] fishs which [is] its size measure too bigly, its slimmer fecundity relatively. Volodin ( in Nikolsky, 1969) showing correlation [among/between] fecundity with age as well as weighing and with length of fish of Leuciscus rutilus.
Source : M. Ichsan Effendie


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